Promised Rest

Matthew 11:28

Could there be a higher invitation in this weak and weary world?

Tripping here and there for rest, we quickly weary in our search.

It’s so simple, yet we make it so complicated.

We can make a lot of things, but we can’t make rest.

We need to return to our Source.

Our resting place is Christ, a steady rock to place our faith.

How astounding that He calls us:

“Come as you are, My Child.

I am

your promised rest.”


  1. I really love your interactive revolving keyword ball! It lead me to these soulful thoughts on rest. I needed to read them as I am recovery from some extensive surgery. I overdid yesterday and today I must rest. Nice to know, God is with me even as my head lays down on the pillow–He is there holding me safely until I awake. He helps me to heal and brings me refreshment all day long. His sweetness is better than honey.

    • Amen about His sweetness.

      I’m so glad He led you here.

      Lord, please touch Linda today.

      Bring healing and peace and joy.

      In Jesus’ beautiful name. Amen

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