Jesus and Your Cell Phone

How many times has someone tried to call you and your phone was dead?  Worse yet, how many times have you tried calling someone and their phone was dead?

It’s easy to ignore the warning beeps, let your phone slip past its last notch into sudden deadness.

How many times do we ignore God’s beeps and warnings?  We scurry here and there, hardly uttering a word to the King other than, “please make the light turn green,” and we wonder why we’re empty and dry.  Someone please give me a boost!

There’s only one thing we can always do when we’re down to our last notch.  Plug into the Source!

Jesus is our strong tower, our Highest connection on heaven and earth, and when we plug into Him, PRESTO, we start functioning, at least somewhat normal again. 😉

My phone has hundreds of fancy features I don’t know how to use.  Great features, I’m sure.  I believe God has oodles of things He’d like to do in and through me, but the only way I’m going to “get it,” is by spending time in his manual.

Ok, I’m a slow learner; I admit it.  I don’t memorize as fast as I’d like to, and I often need to hear things twice before they fully register.  (Oh…. that’s what you were saying…. ) I thank God that He looks to my heart, my inward parts, and works with me there, never giving or expecting more than I can bear.

I can’t sweat the fact that I’m not going to get it done yesterday.  If God is patient with me, I ought to be patient with me.  Especially since I’m supposed to be like Christ, right?

I needn’t compare myself with others.  I can rejoice in my Manufacturer, my Helper, who is going to help me tap into everything He has for me, both natural and supernatural, visible and invisible, in His perfect timing.

I love the manifestations of the Holy Spirit, but here’s what’s more praiseworthy:

I have a direct line with the King of the universe ~ right now!!

I don’t need to get hung up on all of His goodies and special features (healing, prophecy, deliverance), all those wonderful things I love experiencing.  God will help me, His little telephone operator, operate in these wonderful features as I need them, but this moment, this gift, I can worship the giver of gifts.  I can put my ear to His receiver and see what He has for me right now.

Care to join me?

Father, we worship you.  We lift our hearts and hopes before you.  This is your day.  We lay it at your feet.  Thanks for the comfort of your Presence.  Please lead us and guide us.  Help us to make you look good today.  May others see what we have in you… and want it too!  Please give us holy boldness.  For your name’s sake!  Amen!

“Pray without ceasing.” 1 Thessalonians  5:17

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  1. I love this! No matter what model of phone we get our hands on, His phone will always have more bells and whistles! 🙂

    “How many times do we ignore God’s beeps and warnings? We scurry here and there, hardly uttering a word to the King other than, “please make the light turn green,” and we wonder why we’re empty and dry.”

    We create our own static on that line between ourselves and God.

    This was great. Classic!

  2. Very usefull article , i will bookmark your blog right now

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