Pain’s Window

Writing this poem, I pictured a hurting woman staring out her hospital window while Christ stood protectively over her. She couldn’t see him, but He was crying too, His hand resting on her shoulder.

I could tell Jesus ached for her to see Him, to feel Him. I remembered His words as he stared over the ancient city, expressing his brokenness: “Jerusalem Jerusalem… how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing.” Mathew 23:37

The woman at the window felt hopeless, forgotten and alone. Her future looked bleak and unstable.

Then she felt something new. Was it God? The awareness was as light and unexpected as a breeze through the window; but she sensed it. The One Isaiah 53 describes as being “familiar with suffering and acquainted with grief,” was with her!

He wanted her to know that He was her all-sufficient One. He’d never leave her, never waste her pain. He’d stay with her no matter what the future held.

Indeed, He longed for her to respond to Him that day, but He was willing to wait. He was used to it. He’d been waiting for the Day of His redemption since the foundation of the earth!

Just as Jesus wanted the woman to make Him Lord in the midst of her difficult situation, He wants the same from you and me.

Was there a day that Christ stepped into your darkness and drew you close? How did you respond? Where do you think you’d be if you never responded?

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