Happy Light Year!

melting candles

My candles flicker bits of shadows on my husband and kids around the table.

I burst with God-dreams for each of us, hoping our family will spill out and reach more people with the hope that once reached us.

Sometimes I think time’s richer than money, and I grieve how it’s stolen and wasted on willy-nilly pursuits.

Then I remember how each new year brims with fresh possibility.

What will I do differently as I partner with Jesus?

Wanting my dreams and passions to match His, I dwell on Matthew 5:14.

“You are the light of the world.”

Knowing who we are helps us embrace our purpose and define our dreams.




His name fills our mouths at church.  We sing Him loud and lovely, then go our separate ways to restaurants and quiet His name so people won’t think we’re ~ too radical.  Who has never done that?

We’re meant to be more than a big, self-contained love-club.  We’re meant to be a river of light, flowing where love’s most needed.

In the dark.

In our neighborhoods, offices, hospitals, grocery stores….

So why don’t we radiate this rich white love-light so people remember us and our Jesus?

Because we’re basket cases!

We don’t want to draw this kind of attention to ourselves.   We’re afraid to be different.  But we are different.

candle over basket

We’re the light of the world!!

Then Jesus asked them, “Would anyone light a lamp and then put it under a basket or under a bed? Of course not! A lamp is placed on a stand, where its light will shine.” Mark 4:21

I’m Different!!!!!!


Ooo, that felt good!

God gave us His Holy Spirit and power, and made us something that will always be stronger than darkness!  Indeed, we ought to be the boldest, most selfless, loving creatures on earth.  Always about our Father’s business.

Ready to remove your basket and switch your light to it’s highest setting?

God surrounds us.  His supernatural power goes before us as we step into His supernatural purposes.  Doing His work as His hands, mouth, and feet, chases away our self-focused shadows.

What do you say we ask God where He’d like us to shine, starting today?

Maybe it’s asking a lonely person if we can pray with her, or inviting that new person to lunch.

Whatever our calling, the Light of the world is in us!

Happy Light Year!!


Your Turn


Please share in the comments below about one or two people you admire for how they shine their love-light, then forward this and bless them with a Happy New Year message. 

 candle in hands votives placed in a heart holding hands by light


  1. LOVE this! Love the candles and the beauty of your words. Thank you for a great start to the year.

  2. Joyce Garmers |

    What beautiful words that keep flowing from your pen.
    Everyone should be able to read them.
    keep doing the wonderful job you are doing.

    Have a very Happy New Year and GOD BLES

  3. The photo caught my eye, but your words were the inspiration!

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