Destiny Song


Hey friend!

Every now and then I like to write a random song and pray it blesses you.   This one flowed quickly and effortlessly.   I simply sang it out and jotted it down.   Maybe that’s why I’m a little nervous to share it here right now.  When I’m tired.  When I’ve already taken a lot of risks this week (already met my risk quota).

But amidst the busyness of my new book project, I’ve missed you and I’ve wanted to share at least one new thing God slipped in my heart.

So here goes…

However this finds you today, I just want you to remember who you are.  You’re my brother; you’re my sister.  And you and I are blessed beyond measure to be part of the family of God.  For this precise moment and for all eternity, what a mighty God we serve!  Bottom line ~ He’s our everything!


I swell with a song, and how could I not?

The One who fills heaven is filling each thought.

He emptied Himself of the glory we seek.

He says, “lay it down.  Lay it down at My feet.”


His anointing is ours, and it flows from His throne…

He empowers, infuses, and uses His own.

Oh, Lord, we step out of our comfort zone now.

Oh, Comforter come, we will worship and bow.


We all have a song, and we all enter in.

By the blood of the Lamb, we reject every sin.

We rise up in Christ, knowing right where we are.

Possessors of heaven… Of course, we’ll go far.


We’re pulling back blackness, destroying the night

We’re dangerous lovers.  We lift high our light.

We love like He loves, like He births love inside…

We don’t harbor fear.  We have nothing to hide.


We’re an army, a family, we love… we love strong;

We lavish with grace when we face someone’s wrong.

No jealousy here ‘cause we all have a place;

One body for Jesus, we fall on our face.


Oh Holy, oh Holy, Oh Holy, dear Lord.

Be pleased with your children, in hearts, one accord.

We move from these walls.  We step out in your Name.

We burn with your fire ‘til nothing’s the same.


Oh Holy, oh Holy, Oh Holy, dear Lord.

Be pleased with your children, in hearts, one accord.

We swell with a song, and how could we not?

The One who fills heaven is filling each thought.


Lord, continue to fill our thoughts and every part of our lives.  For your glory.  

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. Ephesians 2:10

What part of the song resonates loudest in your heart?



  1. Looks like my praise-picture disappeared when I sent this to everybody. Well, I’ve added it back. The devil isn’t going to steal my praise. No way! : )

  2. Cheryl, you are amazingly talented! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  3. What a blessed song! I love that the words are so true and minister so deeply, even without the music! It is truly a song that speaks a sermon in its singing; I love that. I hope we get to learn this by singing it over and over—each verse is as good as the next!

    • Thanks so much, Jan! I love that my words spoke to you! Your words just spoke encouragement to me. Keep singing for Jesus. There’s power in praise!
      Zeph 3:17 “He rejoices over us with singing.”

  4. Stephanie Clark |

    Beautiful Cheryl! Thanks for blessing us with what God blessed you!

  5. Darlene McKnight |

    That was beautiful, Cheryl. We will have to get you to sing it to us sometime. God has blessed you with an amazing talent, and we’re proud that you are using it for Him

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