However, Whenever

water drop


However, Whenever


You are My crystal pitcher, pure refreshment, poured out.

Depleted, exhausted, spent? Let My Living Water fill your space, richly.

Again and again, I satisfy. Making you satisfying to quench.

See My sparkling face shining through you, never dulling?


You know Me deeper daily, but I know you deeper still.

You lived with Me from the beginning,

a spirit-seed awaiting place and time.

I waited with you before you even knew how to know.


I waited to breathe in you and be your love-blood.

I waited to get messy for you and raise you up.

I waited for you to stop waiting and say, “Yes.”

“Yes” to what I did and “yes” to how I pour you out–whenever, however.


 ~Cheryl Ricker


I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday today. And if you’re interested in learning how to say “yes” in your mess, I just know you would love Kristen Welch’s book “Rhinestone Jesus” {affiliate link} – just released and a beautiful example of God adding the extra to our ordinary to create an extraordinary story.


  1. Wow, how refreshing. Sometimes I forget to let Jesus fill me up and overflow through me. I need to be a pitcher, not a storage container for Him.
    (Just popping over from Five Minute Fridays)

  2. Beautiful writing. I say yes to what He’s done! You have quite a talent. Blessings…

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