The Ugly Wife


When I hear Jacob tell my father how much he loves my sister, my heart sinks. I’m second place because of my sister’s good looks.

Passing by, I can’t help but notice the twinkle in their eyes as they hold each other in their gaze. Him, tall and ruddy; her, bright and curvy. I couldn’t possibly feel any more plain or invisible.

I almost choke when my father wants me to slip me into Jacob’s tent and marry him secretly. What a horrible trick. Am I that ugly that I need to lower myself like this?

I do as he asks, but it isn’t pretty. Even as I marry Jacob, I wonder: How can I be a happy bride when my new husband is all ga-ga over my little sister? He loves her so much he asks my dad if he can work for him another seven years—just so he can marry her too!

What could be worse than being loved so much less? Than getting the raw end of the deal? Where are you, God?

In the middle of my mess, God speaks to me in strangest, most amazing way. Clearly, he must have seen how much more Jacob loves my sister—because, of all things, he closes her womb and opens mine!

In the midst of rejection, heartache, and unfairness, God steps in by balancing the scales and making things fair.  He comforts me in the midst of my lack by giving me the treasure of treasures. Babies! My tears of sadness turn to joy as God makes my crooked path straight.

Things might not feel right to you at the time—because we only see a small piece of the puzzle—but God’s justice breaks through in the end.

“For God does not show favoritism.” Romans 2:11


  1. Erik Haglund |

    Wow- I never thought of it quite like that!

  2. Leanna Powers |

    Wow. This spoke to me a lot today in the situation I’m dealing with right now. Thank you, Cheryl!

    • Oh, Leanna. I’m so glad to know God used my words to help. God is just and fair. He sees people’s hearts and takes care of things for us. Such a daily comfort. Big hugs!

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