Falling Down Safe

Sometimes in the pruning, little homes get toppled.  Creature comforts get turned upside down.






Sometimes warm hands reaching out feel cold and foreign.  Sometimes they just want to love.



Sometimes we need to climb higher.



Have a holy huddle.



Sometimes we need to see down times as opportunities for more closeness.



Sometimes loving touches speak louder than words.



Sometimes we’re blessed to make a new friend.



We can taste and see the goodness of God.  In everything.



Everything can be a learning experience…



When we’re open and brave…



To give and receive.



If it’s worth receiving, it’s worth sharing with others.



It’s worth seizing the moment.



It’s worth enjoying God’s gifts and surprises.  Because in God’s hands…

IMG_7658 - Version 2

We all fall down safe.


  1. Great pictures and even better message :-). I shared these photo’s with my animal loving wife and daughter, melting their hearts :-).

    Thanks for the blessing of the message in real life pictures.
    Paul Coneff

    • Thanks Paul. I never expected getting my trees trimmed would turn into a blog post. But, as usual, God knows what he’s doing. And the whole experience proved to be fun and bonding for my son, Justin, and I. After all, it isn’t every day we get to pet baby squirrels.

      Thanks for stopping by to comment. And for sharing with your wife and daughter. Made me smile. God bless!

  2. Nancy Kline |


  3. Aww…this is so wonderful! Those precious little squirrels and Justin got to hold them! Did they find another home then? They may keep coming back to see him because of his gentle nature.

  4. WoooHoooo I’m like you Kim was way too busy last year with my final year of studies but had posmired myself I was going to join up for next year…..thanks for taking on the role now I can join in the fun.Will add the button with a link back to your blog 🙂 Barb.

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