Help, I’m Dying!

Timeless God

In speaking of Ema McKinley’s amazing modern day miracle, people ask, “Why did God wait eight long hours before appearing to Ema to heal her?  For that matter, why did he wait eighteen years?”

Who knows…

The point is, Jesus showed up and healed her crippled body from head to toe.  After hours on the floor, I’m sure she wondered if she might be dying.  Then Jesus suddenly showed up and stood over her helpless body, saying, “Ema, give me your hand.”

With her hands in his, He raised her to her feet. Rivers of love passed between them.  Just when she thought she was dying, she became more alive than ever.

Did she ask him, “What took you so long?”

No.  In that moment, she was too smitten by his glory.  When we’re engulfed in the captivating, mesmerizing, transformative power and presence of God, questions, fears, and doubts slip away, melting like candle wax.  Time becomes timeless…  Fear becomes fearless…  And hope resurrects us.

Do you want to be immersed in that sweet awareness of his Presence today?  Surrender to him completely and die to yourself in the wait.

You may not see Jesus with your eyes or feel him with your hands, but you better believe he is with you and in you—ready to move heaven and earth on your behalf. You are his precious child.

“For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.”  2 Chronicles 16:9

Abba Father… Lift our spirits ‘til we’re free and tall…  Unshackle us from the weights that bog us down…  Make us aware of your presence… Keep us hopeful and faith-full as we wait for your pick-me-ups.

What are you waiting for, living for, dying for?

What is he whispering to you today?


  1. What happened to this lady? I don’t know her story at all. I just returned from an international conference for Juice Plus capsules, gummies, shakes, bars, and Tower Gardens for home grown fruits and veggies. I heard dozens of amazing stories about healing from people who will never stop taking these whole food supplements. One young man had a motorcycle wreck, was in a coma, and his doctors advised the parents to pull the plug on him. The parents searched for some help and contacted Juice Plus in TN. Juice Plus sent two doctors who have switched from doing practice to spreading good health with Juice Plus sales. These doctors advised to put Juice Plus powders in the young man’s feeding tube. The patient was out of a coma in a week and out of the hospital in several more weeks.(His own doctors said it would take him 2 months minimum.) If it weren’t for Juice Plus and sending their own doctors, the young man wouldn’t be alive today and doing very well!

    • Hi Linda,

      This woman, Ema McKinley, has RSD, reflex sympathetic dystrophy. She hung out of her wheelchair on almost a 90 degree angle, 24/7 for more than fifteen and a half years. On the morning of Christmas Eve 2011, she fell out of her wheelchair and her caregivers were gone. She cried out to God in excruciating pain, and after eight and a half hours, he appeared in her room and healed her from head to toe. I wrote her story in a book called, Rush of Heaven: One Woman’s Miraculous Encounter with Jesus, and it was just released by Zondervan. I posted some before and after pictures of Ema on my website. Blessings!

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