What is the Object of Your Courage?

Jesus Rose

Whoever is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels. Luke 9:26

What in the world doesn’t take courage?  You need courage to get up in the morning.  You may even need it to look in the mirror.

But what do we really know about courage?

When was the last time you told a stranger about Jesus, faced an angry mob, got arrested for your faith?

The disciples faced death and persecution daily, but in their commitment to truth, they grew in courage.

They knew the truth and truth had a name. They saw Jesus, the one who had been nailed to the cross, alive and well three days later!  Seeing Him alive transformed them to become alive.

Suddenly they didn’t care about the opinion of man. Jesus was the object of their courage. They now had living proof stirring something inside, making them living proof—right to the end.

You can have that kind of courage too.  But first, it takes courage to ask for it.

Dear God, thank you for being our Glorious Living Proof. Please help us be your living proof too!


  1. Jesus and the angels told us to not be afraid, to be of good courage, etc. On the radio yesterday I heard an announcer say, “The results of overcoming fear for action were much milder than no action with regret.” I stand in fear of many things at this point in life. Decisions need to be made, and I feel helpless in trying to find a way through all this. Please pray for me to be “of good courage.” Decades of life seem to have beaten it out of me.

    • Yes, I will pray for you, Linda. Even when life beats the courage out of us, the Source of Life lives inside of us. He is the One who gives us courage to face what comes our way. The Helper is also our en-courager.

      May He quicken your mortal body and renew your hope. Today is a new day! Say, “I resist that spirit of fear, in Jesus’ Name. Thank you, God, for giving me a spirit of love, power, and a sound mind–to face this day with praise.”

      Lord, please do a deep inner healing work in Linda today… And may she be able to come back and report how you faithfully answered this request. In Jesus’ Name.

  2. Joy Schmidt-Staats |

    Thank you for your comments. Now more than ever we need to hide in the secret place of the MOST HIGH Psalm 91. HE IS our Refuge and strong tower, we can run to HIM and find safety, courage to live for HIM and be strong to live for HIM and serve HIM with gladness and confidence. GOD richly bless you.

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