Above the Water

Above the water

To put it in the words of the great theologian, Commander Duck: “May your Thanksgiving day be happy, happy, HAPPY!”  Full of family, fun & snorts (BIG ones!).  Full of gobble-gobbled turkey with a touch of stuffing. Full of courage in the face of feisty in-laws. Full of the fresh fragrance of the living God!

I just read a testimony in my friend Mike Shreve’s newsletter.

While drowning, a Christian man thought of 1 Timothy 2:8 in his last moments:

I will therefore that men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting.

He thought, “What better position to die in.” So with his last remaining strength, he raised his hands above his head, preparing to meet God.

What he didn’t realize was that one hand went just above the water from the wrist up. And miracle of miracles, there just happened to be a rescue boat passing by.

Because that man chose to have a thankful heart, he lived to tell about it.

Lord, thank you for the power of a thankful heart.

Thank you for the spotless Lamb who emptied himself so that I could be full.

Thank you for each tender heart reading these words.

Things may not go as hoped, but our hope is in you, the one who works all things together for our good.

We commit our plans to you, knowing in your great hand, they’ll succeed better than we could have ever planned anyway.

We love you, Jesus. May our hearts and lives make you happy, happy, happy!


  1. Paula Ellefson |

    Cheryl I spoke at a church a week ago and shared my testimony, while sharing, the Holy Spirit led me to speak about putting your hand up above the water if you felt like you were drowning, to reach up to God and to the left or to right for help from others!

    • Wow… The same Holy Spirit. He’s so good. Thanks for sharing, Paula. I would have loved to have heard you share. Praising God for how He’s using you! Much love to you and the family!

  2. Happy to be invited to a family’s home so I am not alone for Thanksgiving. Most of my family is in Heaven, now. The rest are not interested in a relationship. But that’s OK as God always is by my side!

    • Happy Thanksgiving, Linda!!! You are so valuable to Jesus! Isn’t it comforting to know that he is extremely interested in having a relationship with you. You’re in his family for good–which makes you in my family too! 🙂

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