He Knows Better



“I LOVE when you ask me questions.”

God slips this in my spirit like sweet chocolate; and for a second, I wish my husband would say this too, but oh well. He isn’t God, my first love, and I’m glad.

“Asking questions shows you trust Me with answers. It keeps us close.”

Father, you’re as refreshing as a glass of ice water.  You know I want to be close.

“Drink deep of My wisdom. It’s your open invitation.”

Lord, I love Your wisdom. May my family and I never be like Eve who saw the dangling fruit as a means to unsanctioned wisdom when she reached for it instead of reaching for You.

“I forgave them and shed animal blood to clothe their nakedness. Then I shed My own blood to eternally forgive and clothe you in My righteousness.”


Father, please use our little conversation to bless someone today.

“I love and eagerly wait for that kind of request.

Fine tune your ear to Heaven. Let My thoughts be your thoughts.
Let My voice kiss your shore and bubble in you like sea foam.

Jump free in My open ocean. Splash wild in My waves of cleansing truth.
Shed fear like sloughed off sand, and leap, leap, leap for limitless joy.

Unleash your voice, because LOVE personified lives and breathes in you.
My light that conquers fruitless night delights to sing rich life in you.”


  1. Fresh Air – yes, this was a breath of fresh air! Your words from God to us. As they are seen with our eyes, heard in our spirit, driven into our hearts, they are a breath of fresh air!

  2. LuAnne Sculley |

    Thanks,Cheryl. What a precious word from God.

  3. Goosebumps and tingles as I read your post. I need guidance on where to live next. Trying to trust Jesus for the next step each day.

  4. PS I love your writing! Congrats on the new book, too!

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