Missing Peace?

This morning while reading an email from a friend, the Lord distinctly dropped these words into my heart. I believe they’re also for you.

“When I say ‘do not be anxious about anything,’ I mean anything. You need to cast aside regret about things you wish you had done differently. To regret something in the past is to be anxious about it.

Instead, you need to commit those unnecessary burdens to Me so I can take care of them. As you pray and petition Me with thanksgiving, fully entrusting your burdens and requests to Me, I will establish peace in the depths of your inner being where My Kingdom dwells, grows, and thrives with My resurrection life inside you.”


  1. vickie nelson |

    Very good- The words go right to my heart. I looked for you at Family Camp and didn’t see you.

    Thank you,
    Vickie Nelson

  2. Karen Johnsrud |

    Good word! I have struggled with regrets of the past and it helps me to know what to do with them. Thanks

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