Seeing and Hearing

Hey everybody. I’m back!!

I’ve decided not to let the spasms in my back, neck, arms, and shoulders keep me from talking to you here anymore.  Sound good?

Yeah, I’ll take it slow; but the blogosphere is calling me. Plus God and I had a little talk this morning, and I trust Him to lead the way.

Sometimes obstacles look like giants obstructing our vision. But God says, “I am the way.” Next to the One who is inside us, what really is a giant anyway?

God has been challenging me to keep my Jesus-lenses on. This is where we follow His lead, rather than leaning on our own understanding.  Lord, give us eyes to see.

God’s perspective is supernatural; and so should ours be.  He tells us to ask Him to show us mysteries. When is the last time we did that?

With seeing comes hearing. In a world bursting with static noise galore, more than ever we need to be intentional in what we hear. His voice should always be our number one voice of choice. Who knows? To be intentional may mean reaching for His Word before our i-phones when we wake up.

Earthly reports can wreak havoc on weak hearts, but God’s ready and patient voice is always tried and true to “peace” us back together again.

Mind if I pray for you?

Papa God, thank you for daily speaking to your children and giving us perspective. Thank you for lifting us to the heights where we can rest in your bigness and grace. Amen


  1. Sally Kassuelke |

    Awesome word. I was excited to see it this morning. Through

    the Blood of the Lamb we invite Holy Spirits witness of divine life, health and restoration into every cell in your neck and body.

  2. Melanie Boegel |

    Thank you for this encouraging message. I am so glad you are choosing to post again. Your words blessed me today!

  3. LuAnne Sculley |

    Cheryl, so refreshing, so courageous, so faith-filled! You so inspire me. Jesus speaks, in Revelation, about the overcomers and that is what you are. He told me recently to stop thinking about myself and think about Him. His perspective makes all the difference.

  4. What an overcomer you are as well, LuAnne! Thanks for applying and sharing God’s wisdom from above. It’s all about Him!

  5. Cheryl, I wanted to give you a Word from the Lord.
    Psalm 107:20 He sent His Word and healed you and delivered you from all destruction.

    There is power in those Words and through Jesus you are healed. Forget not all His benefits. Look up. He is the lifter of your head. Look up!

  6. Praying for God’s blessings and healing in your life, Cheryl.

  7. Nice blog post, Cheryl! You said, “Mind if I pray for you?” YES, please do; and I will do the same for you.

  8. Thanks Cheryl for sharing from your heart!

  9. Thank you so much for this awesome encouragement Cheryl!

  10. I loved this blog and especially that you are posting again! Your words are used to bless so many!

  11. Cheryl, I’m SO glad you’re back!!

    I’m NOT glad you are still experiencing so much pain and suffering. But thank you for lifting our eyes to God.
    He has been reminding me lately, too, that our culture, the media, and my phone can be terrible distractions from the
    peace He longs to give me by listening to His voice!

    Yes. His voice must be the Voice of CHOICE. Well said. In these times, more than ever, I truly must choose to focus on Him and His Word.

    Thank you, and bless you, dear sister! Your gift of writing hasn’t changed a bit.

    Love you,

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement, dear friend. May His peace chase you down today. You are amazing and dearly loved.

  12. Charles Johnsrud |

    Yes, I agree. We need to be listening to His voice and not what the world is dictating to us, even though that voice seems rather loud at times. His voice is truth

  13. Danny Richardson |

    Good to have you back, Cheryl

    We got big plans brewing, don’t we?

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