Ego, Identity, Humility

Ego. Identity. Humility. Three small words that potentially spark big thought.

The world embraces ego. Even gives it special meaning by sticking the word “male” in front of it, making it a thing.

Ego is to be no more an excuse than a pursuit. If you want more confidence, pursue identity. When you know who you are and whose you are, you are more grounded, stable, and secure.

Identity takes care of pride and its cronies. To grow in identity is to know you are uber-loved as God’s child. Such knowledge swallows up a myriad of uglies and helps shrivel up that “old man” fleshly nature. Vices like comparison and jealousy can’t possibly thrive in the face of someone who truly knows who she is and what she carries.

The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in you!

Don’t be surprised when you experience friction from those who don’t yet “get” God’s identity and the sense of confident humility it brings.  No need to knock others down to size, nor put them in their place. Lack of understanding provides an opportunity to show patience and love. We are all in process, needing to give and receive grace for the journey.

If someone close to you has identity issues, love them before the Father’s throne and see what he tells you. If you have the kind of close relationship with them that’s earned their ears, see if they’re open to you coaching them along with gentle reminders of who they are in Christ as you model these virtues yourself.

Papa God, thank you for your steadfast patience. Thank you for Love inside doing its ongoing steady work. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for a new day every day as we grow in knowledge and depth of insight, grasping from glory to glory a clearer picture of who we are in you and you in us!

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