Personal Powerful Love

As I lay in bed with my iPhone, I asked the Lord what He wanted to say through me today, and this is what rolled in and out of my spirit:

Rest in My unconditional love that speaks louder than your grief and trials. My love for you is personal, endued with power, lacking nothing.

I pursued you from your youth, even before you chose to look My way. Make Me number one today. 

Taste and see that I, your Redeemer, am good, and My faithfulness and mercies shall endure forever.


  1. Beautiful words….an inspiring message to receive the love God is offering instead of trying to do more, even as that is so easy for me to do. With appreciation…

    • Cheryl Ricker |

      Yes, He loves when His children rest and receive. Our flesh tries to over-complicate things.

      Lord, please return us to the ways of a little child who receives Your love and goodness with wide-open arms, excited to melt in the peace of Your embrace — and sometimes even be playfully swung in the air with robust joy and wide-eyed wonder — moment-by-moment trusting (and resting) in Your unfailing love!

      Bless you, Paul!

  2. Thank you Cheryl for sharing. A timely word for my life as the Father has been teaching me His ways more and more. Teaching me how to rest in His love and know that he has me in His loving arms.

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