A Friend in the Storm

A Friend in the Storm by Cheryl Ricker

“The perfect gift when you don’t know what to say.

Quotes, Scripture and a gut-real conversation awakens hurting hearts to the incomparable comfort of Christ’s compassion.”

– Dr. Kevin Leman,
Author of Have a New Kid by Friday and Sheet Music.

“What a joy to have such a profound companion
during the inevitable dark periods of life.” – Gary Thomas


What’s your storm?

Job loss, depression, illness, divorce, or the death of a loved one?

A Friend in the Storm tackles life’s ultimate question:

“God, if you’re so loving, why did you let this happen?”


 In this compelling conversation between God and a hurting person you will:
  • Learn to trust Him and find inner healing,
  • Be softened by Christ’s intriguing explanations of life,
  • Desire heaven, and be assured that it’s your eternal home, &
  • Experience a non-threatening gift you can easily share with others.

One reader recently said: “A Friend in the Storm helped me know that others felt the same way, and that there was a future on the other side of my pain and grief.”


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“Cheryl possesses an incredible gift of tapping into the divine and wrapping the reader in a blanket of comfort. Like other good authors, she paints with her words. Rather than painting pictures, she paints emotions, realigning the reader’s soul with His.”  – N.S.


How does A Friend in the Storm make a difference?

Soothing words from Christ’s point of view dispel disillusionment and give you reasons to trust God’s sovereignty, mystery, and perfect timing.

The poetry captures your deepest, most honest feelings while the imagery makes truth memorable.

The songs flow together with Scriptures and quotes from respected Christian leaders.

You feel surrounded by a cloud of witnesses on a healing journey that crescendos with the splendor of heaven.

“I don’t read much, but after my husband committed suicide, I couldn’t let go of A Friend in the Storm. It helped me see things from a new perspective. Jesus’ words made me feel loved, understood, and a whole lot less alone.”  – L.W.

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“God’s warm hand of friendship reaches into the heart of every weary soul who picks up A Friend in the Storm.” – Cheri Keaggy, Dove-Award-winning Singer/Songwriter and Speaker




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