Kernels of Hope


Kernels of Hope

Kernels of Hope: Real People, Real Stories

Heartwarming stories told by people who faced difficult situations, challenges, impossible circumstances, or life-changing decisions and ultimately triumphed in victory and hope.

Forty-three riveting stories about:

  • Triumphs over terminal illness
  • Overcoming money problems
  • Breaking free of addictions
  • Saving a marriage
  • Protection in an earthquake
  • Surviving an automobile & train collision
  • Flying as a kamikaze pilot
  • and so much more…


Ed Silvoso had two years left to live, due to myasthenia gravid-an incurable disease similar to Lou Gehrig’s.  Spiritual warfare played a key role in his full recovery.
Ed Silvoso, President Harvest Evangelism

A successful businesswoman loses her entire life savings in the stock market, then loses her job and home.  She’s also faced with a huge tax bill, but in the midst of these enormous problems, she finds hope.
A Silicon Valley executive

One of the greatest quarterbacks in college football history and a promising NFL player lives an extraordinary life of faith, core family values, and humility.
Tebow Time by Bob Kaku

A catastrophic fire explosion causes second- and third-degree burns on Desiree’s face, neck and arms.  She has a remarkable recovery with no scars on her face, but this only happens after…
Desiree Ayres, former actress and stuntwoman

Christopher Parkening attained his life goal at age 30 after achieving fame and fortune.  He leaves the music world to enjoy the “good life,” but something is missing.
Christopher Parkening, American classical guitarist

A horrific car accident leaves an eleven-year-old girl crippled.  She overcomes major hurdles and takes the crown for Miss America.
Cheryl Salem, former Miss America

A college girl brings her crass, unbelieving neighbor with muscular dystrophy to a healing evangelist’s meeting.  Her neighbor leaves the service walking and pushing her wheelchair, completely healed.
Make a Difference by Cheryl Ricker

And many, many more true encouraging stories…

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