Strong in the Word, Cheryl speaks with sensitivity, humor, and Holy Spirit passion, teaching and inspiring women to leap into their God-given destinies and laugh at the days to come. Topics include:

Trusting God’s Love

As we see ourselves through God’s eyes and delight in our worth, we encounter a fresh baptism of God’s love which transforms us to embrace our circumstances and dreams with a mountain of joy and expectancy.

Expecting The Impossible

Signs, wonders, and miracles abound. By examining and celebrating Biblical and modern examples of miracles and healing, we are stretched and stirred to expect, embrace, and move forward with a courageous contagious supernatural lifestyle.

Growing In Intimacy with Jesus

Tests and trials can either pull us farther or closer from God and others.  We have a choice. Every thought we allow into our minds can be a bright opportunity to fall in love with Jesus all over again.

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