Do you know the feeling you get when you hear someone’s story and it grips your heart, inspiring courage, action, and love? These are the kind of stories I’m passionate about. God stories. And I think everybody has one.

Whether you’re young or one hundred, something has surely shaped you, and that’s your story. Whether you share it privately or in a bestseller on the five o’clock news, you can comfort others with the comfort you have received. Run with your testimony, defeat the enemy, and bring God glory.

I write true stories that encourage people to deeper intimacy with God and others, and I keep three goals in mind as I write them.

I want them to be entertaining, believable, and spiritually powerful promoting change.

afits-tinyA Friend in the Storm began as a gift for a friend with cancer. The poetry, quotes, and Scripture blend in an honest dialogue with God walking us through our stages of grief and helping us better trust His love and Sovereignty.

koh-tinyKernels of Hope includes a true story where I invited an atheist friend to a healing service and she left pushing her wheelchair and praising God!



roh-tinyRush of Heaven: One Woman’s Miraculous Encounter with Jesus slipped into my life when God introduced me to Ema McKinley, an amazing lady right from my own city. Ema frequented the Mayo Clinic where my husband works. We had a mutual friend, shared the same dentist, and Ema’s brother attended my church. After seeing Ema on The 700 Club, I pleaded with God for this new writing opportunity. His answer came when He spoke to Ema in the middle of the night; and shortly afterwards, we began our interviews.

For my latest book, Josiah’s Fire, God led me to a conference an hour away featuring a talk from the vivacious Tahni Cullen. And that’s how I heard about her incredible autistic son’s communication miracle, his visits to heaven, and his powerful prophetic words. After she finished, Tahni sat at my table; and two weeks later, we spent a weekend together forming a friendship and the beginnings of a book.

mount-hermon-tiny-2I studied Creative Writing at York University in Toronto, Canada, but I think Christian Writer’s Conferences helped me the most. I frequent the Mount Hermon Christian Writer’s Conference and American Christian Fiction Writer’s Conference, and I never stop working on my craft.

If God calls you to write, He’ll make a way, so don’t give up. Press forward in prayer. Read and write daily. Keep a pure open heart before God. Remember, He equips those He calls. So start thanking Him in advance for open doors.

Father, thank you for your dreams in our hearts. Please breathe fresh confidence and passion in every aspiring writer You send my way today. Inspire, anoint, and shine on them Your favor, light, and might. In Jesus Name. Amen!