Danny Richardson

With both a seasoned military and ministry background, Danny Richardson is a tactical thinker, called and gifted to mesh timeless battle principles with essential dynamics of spiritual warfare. Having served in the U.S. Army during the Cold War and in the Persian Gulf War, Danny possesses the military insight necessary to uncover hidden keys on this ever-relevant subject of warfare.

Entering the Army as a young man Danny was trained in armored warfare after attending the U.S. Army Armor Center in Ft. Knox, Kentucky. His first tour of duty was a tank crewmember stationed near the Fulda Gap in West Germany where historically European armies marched north and south to war. If the Cold War had become a shooting war, Danny’s combat arms unit was on constant guard to answer the call.

While in operation Desert Storm, Danny’s logistical supply unit deployed into Iraq on the Ground Assault Convoy and drove 90 miles across the open desert until the Iraqis surrendered.

Danny studied theology at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas where he met his Canadian wife, Marlene, and settled in Kelowna, British Columbia. During the 1980s, Danny was Founder and President of Christ for Canada Bible Institute, which later became Christ For the Nations Institute, Canada.

As an ordained minister who is passionate about empowering people to life to their fullest victory, Danny pioneered a powerful life-changing seminar on spiritual warfare entitled The School of the Generals, which he teaches throughout western Canada.