George Wood

George has been a Pastor for the past 14 years; he is also considered an expert in the addiction treatment and recovery field due to the thousands of people he has worked with.

In 2009 during a 6-month span George lost both sister and brother to drug overdose. These traumatic events led George to the realization that he had to do more for those struggling with addiction and mental illness.  Led by the Holy Spirit he went ahead and founded a non-profit, “The Timothy Initiative” a faith-based ministry/open ended program that works with men in addiction. Over the past 10 years The Initiative has helped hundreds of men not just find sobriety but radical transformation!

Passionate for helping people find radical freedom and identity in Jesus George founded the “Sober Truth Project”, with a mission to reshape how the world views addiction, mental health, people with suicidal thoughts, and the roles of faith and science in how we recover.

George who is also in long term recovery lives in the inner city of Tampa with his wife Julie who is in full time ministry as well. They live in community amongst the poor where they work everyday to reveal the incarnational spirit of God to the lost and the broken.